Digital Marketing for your Business

Why Invest in Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing has quickly become a mainstay in the world of business. With a high degree of targeting, low costs per conversion, and scalability for any budget, it has become an integrated part of many traditional marketing campaigns across the globe—and it doesn’t take you a cent over the limit.

Elastic Services for Fluid Budgets

Perhaps the biggest draw of digital marketing is that it scales with your budget while effectively employing the right tools. Some companies have created successful campaigns on $1,500 per month, seeing a bigger return in funnels—and, of course, Google AdWords. It’s far more complex than creating a Facebook page and posting to it daily. But strategically using social media channels with blogs, infographics, and economical advertising to meet clearly defined goals makes it a sound investment for established companies and industries to reach their audiences in new waters.

Longevity plays a substantial role in digital marketing’s ROI. The inbound funnels and content marketing that goes into online campaigns do not disappear at the end of the month, fiscal quarter, or year. Every blog written and every video created remains active, guiding website visitors through the Buyer’s Journey while you focus on doing what you do best.

Targeting and Analytics

Knowing your audience is the key to good marketing, and advertising networks let you reach them easily. Google’s ad network lets you target users according to their search terms, the time of day, geographic location, and past interests. Facebook ads can target people by similar parameters, including the long list of interests, “likes,” friends’ networks, and so on.

What would you say to your customers in the Hamilton area if you could reach them after dinner on weekdays, or before lunch on weekends?

Discovering your ideal customer online with mathematical precision is just as useful. You can experiment to see if your customers prefer certain topics, which demographic groups give you the best return on investment for each product or service, and which time of day they prefer to see your ads. You might even discover new customer segments to which you can communicate outside of the digital sphere—and that process starts with analytics.

Using analytics to track these details is critical to success in online marketing, and it provides the groundwork to improve strategies over time—developing even better campaigns over time. That is how businesses reach such high conversion rates with comparatively fewer marketing dollars.

Wide Customer Access & Brand Development

Everything you do adds or subtracts substance from your brand; use digital marketing to make sure that your customers walk away feeling good about that brand every time they interact with you. Even more so than the brand-name clothing they wear or the books on their shelves, people identify with the brands that keep them engaged online. Adding value to your audience is the key to earning trust, and an exercise in sales is an exercise in trust no matter who sits at the table. Digital marketing lets you build trust with people long before they buy anything.

How could you earn more trust with your customers?

Most companies start by answering frequent questions, giving an in-depth look at flagship products, and delivering quick, helpful customer support over social media—and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The people who trust you will be more inclined to buy from you as well as to advocate your product or service long after they have bought something, creating a native word-of-mouth campaign as a by-product of digital marketing.

Digital marketing complements traditional campaigns in just about every industry, even if it doesn’t dominate the strategy. Get in touch with us at Albanese Branding to discover how a digital campaign can change the way that you connect with your customers.

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